Задание 9А английский язык

Tuesday, the ninteenth of May.


Тема: Выполнение упражнений в формате ОГЭ

Задание: Прочитайте текст. Выполните при необходимости словарную работу. Выучите новые слова. Запись присылать не нужно.

Most visitors to Los Angeles, California, want to go and see Beverly Hills. This is where you find the homes of the movie stars. But Beverly Hills is not Los Angeles. It is a small city next to Los Angeles. All kinds of celebrities live in Beverly Hills: television stars, sport stars, or other people in the news. Beverly Hills is also famous for Rodeo Drive. This is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the United States. Rodeo Drive started to be an elegant street in the 1960s. Many famous stores opened on the street. People liked all the styles and the fashions they could buy. Today, you can find here the most expensive and unusual clothing, jewelry, and furniture in the world. Do you know that only 35,000 people live in Beverly Hills, but more than 200,000 people come here to work or to shop? 

(148 слов)